Drive-thru coronavirus testing at CVS in Aberdeen

Drive-thru coronavirus testing at CVS in Aberdeen.

Over 800 cases of COVID-19 have now been reported in Moore County.

The Moore County Health Department on Monday said 833 residents have tested positive for the disease since March. About 671 people are presumed to be recovered, the Health Department said, while 142 cases are considered active.

The latest tally marks an increase of 128 cases since last Monday, when 705 cases were being reported. According to the Health Department, an average of nearly 15 people are testing positive daily in the county.

It is not yet known if any of the newly confirmed cases are related to an ongoing outbreak at the Accordius nursing home in Aberdeen. Facility-wide testing of all residents and employees was conducted last week after three workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Matt Garner, public information officer for the Moore County Health Department, on Monday said the results of the testing were not yet available to the agency. 

FirstHealth of the Carolinas on Monday said 33 patients were hospitalized for COVID-19 across its hospital system, which serves Moore, Hoke, Montgomery and Richmond counties. Coronavirus patients account for 10 percent of total hospitalizations at FirstHealth, the company said.

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Sally Larson

It's easy to think there's no reason to worry, there aren't a lot of cases for the population. We live on a dirt road in the country with only about a dozen homes and one of our neighbors contracted it while she was pregnant. The virus forced her body to give birth at around 5 months. After weeks in the NICU, the baby died from complications from being premature. Another friend on our road also contracted the virus, she's retired and practices safe distancing and wears a mask when out. This thing isn't a joke and can catch anyone anywhere off guard. Being flippant about it is childish and ignorant.

mark satterfield

Personally, I find these stories that breathlessly report the total number of cases back since March, misleading and needlessly raising the fear level. Lots of people only read headlines and would assume that there is a huge number of active cases when that is not the case. Yes, let's use common sense-socially distance and wear masks when that's not possible-but slanting the headline to invoke fear is a rather cheap tactic to get people to click on the article. I'm disappointed -you guys are better than that.

Kent Misegades

What is the false positive rate? I have heard 20% has been typical. How many of those tested are asymptomatic? Those people can not infect others. We remain below 1% of the population since testing began. On average 8% of the population gets the flu annually. It seems most people see this as a minimal risk since mask-wearing has really has really declined in the past week.

Jim Tomashoff

Kent is lying. Asymptomatic people with Covid-19 can infect others.

"Can COVID-19 be spread by persons who are asymptomatic? Yes. Certainly, people at greatest risk for spreading COVID-19 are symptomatic people. We need to remember that before symptoms begin, during a period when infected people are “presymptomatic,” they can shed significant amounts of SARS-CoV-2 virus and infect others...Infected persons without symptoms (both asymptomatic and presymptomatic) look and feel like their usual selves. Any one of us could be infected right now and not know it, which is why it remains critical that we each participate in social distancing, hand hygiene and the use of cloth face coverings in public places where social distancing is difficult." Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"COVID-19 may also be spread by people who are not showing symptoms (i.e., “asymptomatic”). According to the CDC, 35% of all people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic. However, those individuals are still as infectious as people with symptoms." University of California, Davis, Health Center, July 26, 2020

"Asymptomatic individuals are believed by many scientists to be contributing to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, and a new study indicates that people with COVID-19 but who do not show symptoms may be behind most infections.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the July 6 study refers to the phenomena of COVID-19 infections by asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals as “silent transmission.” " Fox News, July 11, 2020

I'd love to see Kent's sources for his assertion that "...It seems most people see this as a minimal risk since mask-wearing has really has really declined in the past week." Maybe this is so for the idiots he hangs around with, but I see no evidence for this assertion. The Pilot has a social responsibility to ban his comments on Covid-19 because anyone who acts on the basis of his assertions of fact, that are not facts, may subsequently contract the virus or infect others. Speech that is false is not protected by the First Amendment's "freedom of speech" doctrine. Please act editors of The Pilot before this arrogant know-it-all, who actually knows very little, gets people killed.

Kent Misegades

Jim will next be calling for book burnings and a Star of David attached to all liberty-loving Americans who refuse to wear a mask, worthless given the size of Wuhan virus compared to what people use. Frankly I’m surprised that the Pilot didn’t years ago turn off your slandering personal attacks to anyone you don’t agree with Jim. They don’t bother me as they do convince thinking readers to consider alternatives to the government propaganda you believe. For instance: “Stanford statistician Dr. John Ioannidis places the fatality rate between 0.02%-0.4%, far lower than the 1%-and-way-up numbers that were once bandied about – and much closer to the 0.1% death rate of the flu.“ Join the Anti-Mask League!

Mark Hayes

Kent, defiance is an admirable act, it can also be a suicidal one. I would usually not be concerned about the thoughts of others, but on the issue of mask, and this " Join the Anti-Mask League " you are calling for enlistments, I have to call you out on that. This issue is not about you, Jim or any others, it is about common sense. Myself having the option of pretty much being isolated, not so my wife, daughter, sister-in-law, or cousin, they all go to work in healthcare facilities each day and night, they wear mask, some a face shield, and practice all precautionary measures. I don't see where wearing a mask is an infringement on anyone's Constitutional rights, or being ordered to do so is the act of a oppressive government. I also take into consideration the cost incurred by the longevity of this virus remaining in this country, the stimulus checks, lost business tax revenue, extended unemployment, medical cost, etc., etc., I see a greater good coming from a " wear a mask ", than I do of those who are "anti-mask ", but that's just me.

Jim Tomashoff

Note that Kent in no way chose to question the FACTS medical experts have said with regard to asymptomatic people with Covid-19 spreading the virus, which according to Kent cannot happen. Instead he changes his argument, commenting on infection rates. So what if the infection rate is lower than once thought, 150,000 have still died, and a 1,000 people are dying everyday. Perhaps he'll find some "expert" who will argue that no one has ever died from Covid-19. Do you want to believe Kent's experts or the hundreds one can find by a simple web search who say the opposite? Kent's simply a propagandist who never lets facts get in the way of his beliefs. And I repeat, he and people like him, are getting people killed!

Tommy McDonell

Your comment here, especially the first four lines saddens me. And I suppose I am saddened that it doesn’t bother anyone else. It seems that you continue to drift from the story or article.

As for the Anti Mask League, I don’t get it. If you don’t want to wear it don’t. But don’t stop or hinder those who do.

Tommy B. McDonell. I’ll skip my degree.

Barbara Misiaszek

What is the % of people being tested in Moore County who are testing positive? The State wants a rate of less than 5%. Also, have any additional cases been identified from that child care facility in Robbins? I noticed 5 more kids 0-17 tested positive since last Friday bringing the total for that age group to 96, well above the national average for that group, which is about 6% of all cases.

John Misiaszek

Scott Bowers

According to the graphs, North Carolina as a whole has been holding pretty steady at around 7% positive since around May 22nd, varying between 6.8% and 7.2% depending upon the day. See

Barbara Misiaszek

NC has been averaging 8-10% positive test results since mid June.

John Misiazek

Kent Misegades

The state won’t reach its goals until Nanny Pelosi allows this.

Dan Roman

There are almost 150,000 reasons why Kent is, as usual, wrong, but he could care less. Scientific expertise is to him no obstacle to his self-absorbed willful ignorance and silly opinions. He exhibits a classic cultural cancer, the disdain for any type of authority and for his fellow citizens who he denigrates constantly.

Kent is trying to be convincing, he just doesn't have anything to work with.

Sally Larson

These conspiracy theorists will do anything to keep from hearing the truth, fake news is their bible. Their cult leader who doesn't care about science, only about how he looks so people don't blame him for not acting and being on top of the problem. We could have easily been a leader in conquering this virus but poor Donny though the virus was created to make him look bad. We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world because he doesn't know how to lead, just ignore, deflect, and blame others. Very pathetic.

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