Fox Hollow Senior Living is located in Pinehurst.

Fox Hollow Senior Living is located with the corporate boundary of Southern Pines with a Pinehurst mailing address. 

A second resident has died in connection with a coronavirus outbreak at Fox Hollow Senior Living.

The death was first announced Tuesday in the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ semiweekly report on outbreaks in so-called “congregate living settings.”

COVID-19 has now claimed 13 lives in Moore County, with six of the deaths linked to an earlier outbreak at Pinehurst Healthcare & Rehabilitation. Five residents and an employee of that nursing home are among the deceased.

Robert Wittmann, director of the Moore County Health Department, shared previously unreleased details about some of the deaths with county commissioners on June 16.

Reading from remarks written before the two deaths at Fox Hollow were announced, Wittmann told commissioners that only one of the 11 deaths reported at the time involved a person younger than 65. The other residents who had died from COVID-19, he said, were all older than 72.

Addressing the commissioners, Wittmann said three of the deaths involved Black residents, while one of the deceased individuals was Hispanic. The seven other people who died from the disease were white, according to Wittmann. 

The Health Department has not disclosed the ages or races of the two residents who have since died from the disease.

The latest death comes as Moore County nears its 400th laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19. A total of 394 cases were displayed as of 7:15 p.m. Tuesday on the Moore County Health Department’s online dashboard tracking the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Reid Vegeler, a colorectal surgeon with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, is among the residents known to have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Vegeler, who is currently in isolation at home, said he first learned of his infection on Sunday.

“We don’t know how I contracted it,” he said in an earlier interview with The Pilot. “I have not traveled or really been out of the house except for commuting to work and being in the hospital. Neither has my wife.”

FirstHealth of the Carolinas on Tuesday said it had conducted 8,934 coronavirus tests across its hospital system, which serves residents in Moore, Hoke, Richmond and Montgomery counties. A total of 1,049 tests, or about 11.7 percent, had come back positive, the company said, while results were pending for 213 tests.

The company said 21 of its patients were hospitalized because of COVID-19. A record 915 people were hospitalized across the state on Tuesday, according to NCDHHS.

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Bob Reynolds

Jaymie, historically fllus and viruses have been named from their origins, such as “the Asian or Korean flu”.

You have a tough job trying to maintain a semblance of honesty and integrity throughout these blogs and I commend you for your diligence.

I admit I read the dialogue, but I must say I feel that if you remove Kent’s posts, you should also remove Jim’s. Freedom of speech means just that, so selectively removing offensive items is still your best course. I do think these two gentlemen could find better things to do with their time.

Thank you for your writing, please continue to keep it non-biased, it’s hard to find real journalism these days.

Bob Reynolds

Jim Tomashoff

Well Bob, one significant difference between my comments and Kent's is that I don't urge, challenge, dare, people to take actions that jeopardize their lives. Kent does that quite often. Kent will be punished by having his comment(s) deleted because he frequently uses racist terminology in his argument, as Jaymie pointed out. "Freedom" is not a license to say anything you want whenever/wherever you want to. As the Supreme Court noted decades ago, you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, causing a panic stampede that injures others when their is no fire. Kent does that almost daily.

Kent Misegades

All lives are precious and the loss of loved ones is tough, regardless their age. Reality is, the average length that residents at some such centers live until their passing is less than two years, with or without this particular virus. 400 Wuhan flu infections represents less than one half of one percent of our county’s population, and most recover without hospitalization. When one considers that on average 8% of the total population gets the flu annually, one half of one percent is a very small number. Many of those testing positive have no symptoms. Experts now say that such asymptomatic people can not infect others. It’s time to get over the fear of Wuhan flu, which is anything but a death sentence.

Jaymie Baxley Staff
Jaymie Baxley


I appreciate your reliable engagement with our journalism. As one of multiple staff members with permission to moderate user-submitted responses to our content, I must inform you that I intend to swiftly delete any future comments from you referring to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan flu.”

As I believe you know, this has for months been a global pandemic. I have determined that your invariable usage of “Wuhan flu” in reference to COVID-19 could be interpreted to mean the city of Wuhan created the coronavirus (which is false), or that only residents of Wuhan are susceptible to the virus (which is also false).

To be clear, you are welcome to continue sharing your opinions about the coronavirus and COVID-19 on But you have now been notified that the misnomer “Wuhan flu” is not an acceptable substitute for “COVID-19,” which is the actual name of the disease.

Therefore, any future usage of “Wuhan flu” by your account in reference to COVID-19 shall be considered a violation of our user policy, which prohibits the dissemination of knowingly false information.

Jim Tomashoff

Jaymie, you informed Kent that "...our user policy, which prohibits the dissemination of knowingly false information." By this standard most of Kent's comments qualify as a violation of your user policy. His latest, is his assertion that "... Experts now say that asymptomatic people can not infect others." Experts from the University of California, Davis have just written that, "...asymptomatic transmission may occur and has contributed to a limited amount of transmission of COVID-19 infections." Kent constantly makes assertions of "fact" that are absolutely wrong and that with regard to Covid-19 can, if one acts according to his "facts" can get people killed, such as his boasting that he attends rallies and refuses to wear a mask because he asserts that there is no need to do so. He should not be allowed to comment on Covid, PERIOD!

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