Timeline of COVID-19 cases in Moore County from March 18 to May 12.

Timeline of COVID-19 cases in Moore County from March 18 to May 12. 

The Moore County Health Department on Tuesday announced the area’s 10th death in connection with COVID-19.

Six of the local deaths have been linked to an outbreak at Pinehurst Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. One of the fatal cases involved an employee of the nursing home.

A total of 162 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 were being reported in Moore County on Tuesday evening. Sixty-six of the cases involve residents older than 64, according to data on the Health Department’s webpage tracking the local spread of the coronavirus.

FirstHealth Testing

Also on Tuesday, FirstHealth of the Carolinas said it had completed 3,423 tests for COVID-19 across its hospital system, which serves patients in Moore, Hoke, Montgomery and Richmond counties. FirstHealth said 341 of the tests, or about 10%, had come back positive, though results were pending for 218 tests.

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Jon Craig

Please show another, or at least a comparison graph. Track the daily cases a daily rate not a daily total

Kent Misegades

Exactly. And remove from the total number the 95% or greater that recover in a few weeks at home.

Kent Misegades

1116 residents of Moore County passed away in 2018. How many typically die annually from influenza and pneumonia in the county? Chinese Wuhan flu statistics should always be reported in relation to the total population and compared to normal rates of flu infections and deaths.

Chris Smithson

We don't know what the infection rate is!

Kent Misegades

According to the studies from Stanford and USC, the infection rate is 50 times greater than the recorded rate from tests. Clearly herd immunity is working big time. But the mortality rate drops by the same factor of 50. Now, we can probably assume that half of the deaths recorded as being caused by Wuhan flu are not. We know that they are lying in NYC and NJ, where most deaths have occurred.

Jim Tomashoff

We know that they are lying Kent? How do we know that? What's your source for this assertion? And, in fact, the death rate from Covid-19, may be much higher than thought because a lot of people may have died from it before it was discovered to be their cause of death, according to Dr. Falci. But we can ignore him because he's a bureaucrat and member of The Deep State, right? If herd immunity is working so well, why are the infection rates and death rates from Covid so much higher in Sweden than they are in neighboring countries? The Covid death rate in Sweden is 10 times that of Norway and Denmark and Finland. All three of which are practicing stay at home. Explain that to us o' wise one(sic). You're so focused on getting yourself back to work that you don't care how many additional deaths you may cause, probably because you'll just assume that only "takers" not "makers" will sicken and die, and they're worthless to you.

Barbara Misiaszek

In 2018,the last year I could find stats for, about 58,000 people, nationwide, died from influenza and pneumonia, an increase of about 3,000 from 2017.Since March, more than 82,000 have died from affects of this coronavirus., with, unfortunately, many more deaths likely. The "Chinese Wuhan" flu is much more deadly. John Misiaszek

Jim Tomashoff

Stop confusing Kent with "facts." He doesn't deal with what sane people call "facts", which, he has often argued, are the result of the conspiracy between liberals, bureaucrats, people in lab coats, and the "mainstream media," aka "The Deep State."

Kent Misegades

Thanks for the humor Jim. Hope you’re feeling better?

Kent Misegades

Well, we shall see. NYC officials have admitted to falsely attributing deaths to Corona. The recent Project Veritas report confirmed this. My guess is that half of all deaths reported as being caused primarily by Corona aren’t.

Jim Tomashoff

Project Veritas, ladies and gentlemen, is described as a "far right-wing group" the deceptively tries to trap their perceived Deep State enemies by recording them secretly in hope that someone will say something that they can exploit ,for fools like Kent. Proof from these individuals? Not hardly Kent.

Jim Tomashoff

Kent, re: your question if I'm feeling better. Yes Kent, anytime I can point out what an arrogant know-it-all, selfish, smug, lying, poor excuse of a human you are is a day when I'm always feeling better. Never once in all your comments regarding the impact of Covid-19 not once have you ever indicated any sympathy, empathy, or concern for the people who have suffered or died due to this virus, not once! All your comments express how you feel affected by the steps being taken to try to reduce infections and deaths. You feel unfairly put upon by these steps because your "rights" are being trampled upon. You assert you have some kind of god given right to infect dozens maybe hundreds of people because the universe revolves around you. You're big on demanding total freedom to exercise your "rights," but exhibit no interest whatsoever in demonstrating any kind of social responsibility toward others, which is understandable because you don't believe you have any larger responsibility toward others. You have indicated more than once in your comments that you feel no responsibility towards others.

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