TEASER Coronavirus Masks

People wear face masks in Moore County.

Face coverings will soon be mandatory in Moore County and across North Carolina.

The requirement is part of an executive order signed Wednesday by Gov. Roy Cooper. The order, which also extends Phase 2 of the state’s three-stage plan to ease coronavirus restrictions, takes effect at 5 p.m. Friday. 

“Overwhelming evidence that is growing by the week shows that wearing a face covering can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially from people who have it and don’t know it yet,” Cooper said during a news conference. “Face coverings are a simple way to control this virus while protecting ourselves, our families and the other people around us.”

People are required to wear face coverings in both outdoor and indoor settings. Some of the venues specifically mentioned in the order include retail businesses, restaurants, hair salons, meat processing plants, child care facilities, long-term care centers, airports and bus stations.  

Law enforcers are authorized to issue citations to businesses and organizations that fail to comply with the mandate. If an employee or customer without a face covering enters a business and refuses to leave, they could be charged with trespassing.

The order contains exemptions for people with medical conditions and disabilities. Children younger than 11 and individuals who are “actively eating or drinking” are not required to wear face coverings. 

Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of the state Department of Health and Human Services, on Wednesday said infections and hospitalizations are on the rise. More than 56,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in North Carolina, and a record 915 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 across the state on Tuesday.

“The numbers we see are a stark warning, and we must pay attention,” Cooper said. “I’m concerned. As we’ve watched and studied and dissected these numbers in recent weeks, that concern has grown.”

This story is developing.

(25) comments

Kent Misegades

For those who cherish liberty and freedom - the drive to McColl or Cheraw, SC is about an hour. It is a lovely drive through the country, peach orchards and long leaf pine forests. Gas costs $1.82 at the Murphy’s next to the Cheraw Walmart. Downtown Cheraw is quite nice and historic. Nearby is Cheraw State Park and the Sandhills State Forest, both great for cycling. McLeod Farms in nearby McBee has a great fruit stand and farm museum popular with kids. Sorry Democrats - no Starbucks down there in flyover country; just real Southern people with common sense. No blanket requirements for masks, either. Their wise Republican Governor McMaster has left this decision to counties. Rural counties like ours don’t need this. One size fits all rules means everyone loses. We are not in NYC.

Jim Tomashoff

Wouldn't it be a shame if Kent comes down with Covid-19? Not a fatal case mind you. Just a real case such that even Kent, for the probable first time in his life, shows some empathy toward other human beings.

Brian Numerick

Empathy like that displayed in your comment? You're a real humanitarian aren't you.

Bruce Olin

I agree 100% / Don't Tread On Me!

Sally Larson

Glad to hear this. When humans work together for a single purpose we can seriously get things done. It's the rebellious children among us who are so self-centered they think they don't have to care about anyone else are the ones who want to make excuses by politicizing a virus that doesn't discriminate between Republicans and Democrat. How ridiculous and childish to make excuses based on irrational thinking.

mark satterfield

I think it would be helpful if people actually read the mandate which one can do here: https://files.nc.gov/governor/documents/files/EO147-Phase-2-Extension.pdf. Granted one has to wade through a whole lot of "whereas's" but the reality is that masks are only required in situations where social distancing is not possible.

Kent Misegades

Exactly. Thank you. Some of those in support however want to impose a mask/gag order on anything that breaths. Probably even pets. I know plenty of small business owners who will not enforce these rules. I doubt that our local police would waste their time doing it. They are busy enough protecting statues from being torn down by lunatics.

Comment deleted.
Jim Tomashoff

Jaymie must be off-work. But as soon as he gets in in the morning this comment by Kent will be deleted due to its racist overtones. Bye "comment."

Lynn Hancock

I am mystified as to HOW the wearing of face coverings in the midst of a pandemic has become some twisted political issue. Every medical expert in infectious disease and public health - worldwide - has said wearing a mask & social distancing are the best ways to reduce the spread of this awful disease. 20 people are lying in a hospital bed right now at Moore Regional. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound like too many people - UNLESS it’s someone you care about or it’s you! Over 1200 people have died in NC so far and there have been over 9,000 cases reported in our state in the last week. Every medical office in our area has been requiring a temperature check and mask since early March - because they are trying to protect themselves and their patients, and to try to contain this serious illness. This is simply ridiculous. Grow up, put on a mask when you’re in public, and just pretend you care about the people of our community!

Kent Misegades

“ News From the Non-Lockdown States : Per-capita Covid fatalities were 75% lower in open states. GOP governors have faced enormous media pressure to lock down their states in solidarity with Democrats, and some now are getting browbeaten to shut down again amid coronavirus flare-ups. So it’s worth pointing out that states that didn’t lock down this spring kept the virus under control and experienced fewer deaths than most that did. A new analysis by The Sentinel, a Kansas nonprofit, compares the 42 states that shut down most of their economies with the eight that did not. The latter group includes mostly rural states with some small metropolitan areas: North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Utah. Private employment on average fell by 7.8% between May 2019 and May 2020 in these states while plunging 13.2% in the others.“

Brian Numerick

"Every" medical expert? Really?

Stephen Frobey

Still waiting for my government required mask provided by governor Cooper.

Comment deleted.
Barbara Misiaszek


John Misiazek

Kent Misegades

More evidence that the lunatics are trying to rule, from UNC-CH Economist Martin Zelder: “ the fraction of coronavirus patients in the hospital is low — 1.7% — the lowest number we’ve seen since the start of the epidemic“. “ This means that the coronavirus death rate, as a fraction of those hospitalized, has fallen for weeks and is at its lowest level (2.3%) since April 15.”

Barbara Misiaszek


John Misiaszek

Kent Misegades

Clearly the lunatics are now completely in charge in our state. Sorry to disappoint John, this family will not be wearing a stupid mask. Cooper must be really desperate. Perhaps he’s concerned about the news that his forefathers were large slave owners, not a good development for his campaign.

Barbara Misiaszek

Yes Kent, you too.

John Misiaszek

Jim Tomashoff

Kent only wishes he could still be a large slave owner. He does so miss the good old days.

Dan Roman

That's why Kent refers to the Civil War as "The War of Northern Oppression".

Wearing a mask is so simple but no, Kent supports MACA = MAKING AMERICA CONTAGIOUS AGAIN.

If Kent hates wearing a mask he is really going to hate wearing a ventilator.

Classic Dunning-Kruger effect: cognitive bias resulting in the inability to recognize his own incompetence.

Kent Misegades

Wrong Dan, poster child of TDS. Real

historians have correctly called it the War of Northern Aggression, the War Between the States, or the War to Prevent Southern Secession. You’d be disappointed to see what shape I’m in at 62. Never felt better, despite not wearing a bacteria-trap, aka mask.

Kent Misegades

Another limp attempt at humor Jim. Try harder. My kin were from Illinois and Indiana back then. My father had the good sense to get us to the South though when I was young. Read “ American slavery: Separating fact from myth” from Daina Berry, UT Austin. Seek the truth and it will set you free.

Barbara Misiaszek

Wear a mask Kent. Seems you might have some masculinity or self identity issues that prevent you from wearing a mask. The rest of us don't really care about how healthy you think you are, we worry about our health and how others - you - may adversely affect our health.

John Misiaszek

Jim Tomashoff

The KKK was/is very active in parts of Indiana, as you no doubt know. My query, how did you keep your uni so white without using bleach on the parts that have colored clothe?

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