The Pilot’s editorial standards achieved a new low when editors published a letter by Clifton Frye (“The Morning After,” Nov. 10) in which the author drew comparisons between the president of the United States in 2018, Donald Trump, and Germany’s Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Mr. Frye contends President Trump is a “(Russian Premier Vladimir) Putin-lover” and unconcerned about “home grown terrorist attacks.” What delusion. Domestic terrorism is driven by the refusal of citizens to be vigilant about their neighbors’ mental health issues and by the continuous illegal entry of undocumented individuals, which Democrats openly facilitate.

Being “bankrupted and sued” — Mr. Frye assigns as a Trump flaw — comes with the territory of running a large commercial real estate empire. Bankruptcy is aided and abetted by Democrats who delight in seeing companies reorganize, which is the essence of bankruptcy. This is far different from liberal states, where pensions are bankrupt with no solutions to restructure them, save for raising taxes again and again.

Mr. Frye says the president “feeds on divisive rhetoric.” Why? Because he desires to “Make America Great Again,” a goal shared by millions, control our southern borders and denounce trade partners who have taken advantage of our country for decades?

The notion that this positions President Trump as a modern day “Hitler” revolts Jewish Harvard University law scholar and lifetime Democrat Alan Dershowitz.

“It’s a horrible analogy because it’s a form of Holocaust denial,” Dershowitz said. “When you say Trump’s like Hitler, what you’re saying is that the Jews of Germany and the Jews of Poland didn’t suffer any more than we’re suffering now, and that there were no gas chambers, that there were no death camps.”

None of this occurred to The Pilot’s editorial board?

Steve Woodward, Pinehurst

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ken leary

I suppose you have a point Mark; and with that style of selective logic you could easily make the case that the Russians undermined our election process and the Chinese are unfairly undermining our unfettered ability to kill anything that questions our hegemony. Look up CAT airlines Vietnam. If you want a solution to your specious argument we could consider ending the so called "war on drugs." But that only comes up in informed conversations by people considering the true costs generated by this interminable, selectively punitive, effort. The uninformed, as usual, (now you can think about the Third Reich) look for someone other than themselves to blame for their troubles. Someone to punish. Someone to feel better than.

May 2, 2015 The Jerusalem Post: Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said on Friday that he would like to become an honorary citizen of Israel to fight the boycott movement.
And Dan watch his debate with Chomsky. What does “not really a Zionist” mean?

Mark Hayes

Style of selective logic, specious argument ?

ken leary

Yes, specious and selective. First of all look up the meaning of the word domestic. That kind of puts to rest your point. You also don't entertain the possibility that "domestic" pharmaceutical companies contribute significantly to "domestic" drug abuse. You also don't consider HSBC and other financial institutions who profit from the drug trade. You don't consider that the USA has historically, and currently, undermined numerous latin American, legitimately elected governments, thereby destabilizing them, causing lawlessness, and victims of the lawlessness who flee for their lives. One would be a "domestic terrorist" if they took a picture of someone abusing a hog, at a hog farm, in North Carolina. The guy who poisoned Flint Michigan should be a "domestic terrorist"; but he is not. I guess because the damage mostly impacted non whites. Your comment lumps all people crossing an imaginary line, a line we drew after stealing the land north of it through deceit and violence, as terrorists. I would say that is kind of racist thinking, but that is for you to decide.

ken leary

Alan Dershowitz is a rabid Israeli zionist who vehemently supports the extermination of the Palestinian people. He is probably not a good choice to make your rather dubious points concerning Trump's character. Can you share your knowledge of acts of "domestic terrorism" perpetrated by "undocumented individuals."

Dan Roman

Dershowitz is one of the premier legal scholars of our generation. He is certainly liberal but neither rabid, nor Israeli and not really a Zionist in that he has been extremely critical of some Israeli policies. That said his defense of Trump is somewhat amusing: citing the lack of gas chambers or death camps (ignoring the death of a child in US detention recently) sets the bar pretty low and indeed as silly the comparison of Trump to Hitler.

Mark Hayes

Domestic terrorism is perpetrated by the undocumented, and illegal individuals. The majority of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and crystal meth entering this country does so by coming through our porous Mexican borders, killing far more a year than an explosive device, a large number of those delivering the products have been proven to be " undocumented " or " illegal ", so I believe that would qualify as an act of " domestic terrorism " perpetrated by " undocumented individuals ".

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