The paranoid, proven pathological liar Donald Trump, leader of the Republican party, continually states that anything factual he dislikes is fake news or a witch hunt. He is the king of the witch hunt, to wit: ranting forever about Obama’s birth, Clinton’s emails, etc. None of this resulted in any truth or wrongdoing.

The man is an embarrassment to the office of the presidency and to the world. Obama had to be perfect, morally beyond reproach. Despite exemplifying class and leadership, Republicans still crucified him and his family for simply breathing. Trump has affairs with a porn star, gives props to the Nazis, alienates allies, dumps all over the Constitution. And he gets a pass.

His behavior is despicable and belligerent, saying that the media is the enemy of the people. He is the enemy. Where else would we get information, if not from the various forms of media. Him? Help!

In the recent past, there have been killings at a Kroger, a bar, a synagogue and bombing attempts on two former presidents and dozens of others. Meanwhile, the DHS secretary spent the week at the border, fear-mongering about unarmed starving children 1,000 miles away.

Trump is directly responsible for inciting and spreading hate, violence and bigotry in this country with dangerous lies about actual people, leaders and groups that are now being targeted. With respect to our country, the man is bad news.  

Frank Lisco, Pinehurst

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ken leary

Trump is evidently representative of the intellectual and moral values of his supporters. Is he the personification of “American exceptionalism?”

Peyton Cook

I’ll put you down as a “Never Trumper”. Most of what you say is vastly exaggerated and much is untrue.. I guess Clinton was a saint when it came to “abusing” women, and Obama never lied. Trump has done more to stimulate the economy that Obama left stagnant. Internationally, he has gained respect from after decades of being taken advantage of by Europe and China. He is making efforts to reverse and imbalance in trade and is having success. He has ended subservience to the UN as Obama had. Finally, he has taken the battle to defeat ISIS.

Sally Larson

Peyton, I don't know where you're getting your information but it was recorded all over the world. At the UN General Assembly on September 15th the attending world leaders and diplomats laughed at Trump when he was bragging about his accomplishments. Google it.

Sally Larson

What I don't get is the passive reaction people have to the leader of this country. How about a simple yes or no?

Is it ok that the President makes things up?

Is it ok he grabs women’s private parts and laughs about it?

Is it ok he is being investigated for illegal acts?

Is it ok the rest of the world leaders see through him and laugh at him and therefore at us?

Is it ok he blames the media for reporting what is said and seen and can be proven?

Is it ok he ignores the dangers of Russia getting involved with our politics?

Is it ok he was being manipulated by Russia because he had a secret deal for his hotels there?

Is it ok his embracing lying, cheating and bullying behavior is setting an example to our children?

Honestly, can anyone in their right mind say “yes” to any of this?

Ed Pieczynski

Please provide your source that he is being manipulated by Russia?
How about your source that he has a secret deal for a hotel?

Sally Larson

Ed, I'm assuming you are saying no to most of these questions but want to catch me on these details. All I can do is what you can do which is research on these details.

Donald J. Trump

....Lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in Russia. Put up zero money, zero guarantees and didn’t do the project. Witch Hunt!

"The president’s Twitter defense came a day after his former lawyer Michael D. Cohen admitted in court that he had lied to Congress about the extent of the Trump Organization’s pursuit of an agreement to build a tower in Moscow." New York Times

Questions were swirling about Mr. Trump’s desire for friendlier ties to Russia. In 2016, Moscow was conducting a clandestine effort aimed at getting Mr. Trump elected, and Mr. Mueller is investigating whether the Trump campaign conspired in those efforts. New York Times "Trump Defends Pursuit of Russia Deal in 2016 as ‘Very Legal’"

Any president who is having behind the scenes deals with what would be regarded as our enemey is not a positive position for him to be in and brings up questions of his unusual friendliness towards them as well as their power over him.

Mark Hayes

PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Cargill, Alcoa, Mondelez International, with so many more, these just to name a few. All have shown friendliness towards Russia, all have made political contributions to our U.S. politicians, and if investigated they also would be found to have invested financially in Russia's political arena, that, or they would not be doing business in Russia, and who decides who does business in Russia, that would be Vladimir Putin.

Sally Larson

Mark, when someone lies, then there's something a person is hiding. This allows the other party to hold something over them with the fear of exposure which forces them to make decisions that may not be in the best interest of the country.

Mark Hayes

Sally ... From the powdered wigs of our founding fathers, to the snakes in suits of today, they all have lied, it's a political tradition passed down through the ages, and I don't see it ending in my lifetime.

Sally Larson

Mark, is it ok for our President to lie to the point where he gets caught over and over again by his own words? He's recorded repeatedly saying one thing and then another thing. It's not a behavior that's going to create trust. In fact, it's a little mental and questions his ability to handle the office.

Mark Hayes

Sally... Have enjoyed the back and forth, absent from the condescending name calling. When elections are held, I will vote for the candidate that best represents my family and myself, looking past the opinions of others, while reading and watching media coverage of those who will soon be announcing their candidacy as Democratic/Socialist seeking the Presidency, it has already been established by several in that group, my family is not going to be represented, I will again vote for a Republican. Enjoy the day

Kathryn Giquinto

Since Trump has been in office you periodically continue to send these repetitive critical letters to the Pilot. So I think that most of us that read these opinion letters have got the message that Trump’s not your kind of guy.
But for you to say that Obama and Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong just because they have managed to not get convicted in what has probably become one of the most corrupt governments that this country has ever seen is a real fantasy.
I can’t make up my mind whether you are naïve, or you think that we readers are naïve, or perhaps a little of both.

Mark Hayes

Dec 17, 2018 " Source of Bad News ", Dec 22, 2018, " Bad News " There is a diagnosis for this repetitiveness and psychological fixations.

Ed Pieczynski

Wow, so much anger and hatred in 5 little paragraphs. Guess the Christmas spirit missed you this year.

Craig Dunlop

These same mindless, divisive, hate filled rants continue every week.
The Pilot editorial staff is irresponsible in their ongoing support of these "no value add" opinions by out of control dishonest democrat supporters. It is a shame.

Kent Misegades

Trump Derangement Syndrome persists. Every slur against him is aimed equally against his tens of millions of voters. During the primary and general election, this only resulted in stronger resolve in the man and those of us who support him. Leader of the Republican Party? Hardly. They opposed him, called him the Least Electable Candidate. The man was attacked mercilessly by the DNC, the GOP and the drive-by media. He won. Get over it.

Jim Davis

This letter is an exhausting rant...

Dan Roman

The only "problem" with this letter is that it's pretty accurate.

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