The following marriage licenses have been filed at the Moore County Register of Deeds.

Sept. 6-26, 2013

Robert Tyler Mulhaul and Sarah Beth Pierson, both of Southern Pines.

Barry Kevin Bouchele, of Pinehurst, and June Althea Barton Rose, of Holly Springs.

Scott Douglas Thornton, of Vass, and Lesley Ann Morris Slough, of Salem, Va.

Walter Leverne Ross and Patricia Ann Brown, both of Aberdeen.

Michael Jason Bishop and Emily Lauren Jett Dawkins, both of Pinehurst.

Matthew Ryan Burchette and Samantha Leigh Morgan, both of Southern Pines.

Eugene James Wilson Jr. and Jodi Ann Smoogen, both of Vass.

Raymond Gregg Duke and Sophea Chum Satterwhite, both of Pinehurst.

Ryan Graham Doby and Christina Michelle Rhoades, both of Carthage.

Daniel Brian Bureau and Sarah Leslie Edwards, both of West End.

Daniel Kittelle Bennett and Ashley Margaret Motsinger, both of Birmingham, Ala.

Dewey Casey Holderfield and Ashley Kristin Cole, both of Southern Pines.

John Dustin Gray and Cordie Rebecca Holman Richardson, both of Carthage.

Keith Everett Ledbetter and Debra Ann Green Ledbetter, both of Cedartown, Ga.

Caleb Warren Shepard and Corey Brooke Legrand, both of Carthage.

Lance Emory Leviner and Sara Catherine Hamer, both of Southern Pines.

Robert William Huber, of Aberdeen, and Traci Lynn Hare, of West End.

Timothy Robert Purvis and Jennifer Lynn Howard, both of Robbins.

Brett William Haj and Codie Jane Hayes, both of Vass.

Tommy Lee Pruitt and Paula Kay Sineath, both of Carthage.

Grant Waddell McNeill Jr., of Aberdeen, and Gloria Mildred Douglas, of Southern Pines.

Zachary Oldham and Erika Lynn Spivey Garner, both of West End.

Wesley Keith Clark and Lynette Denise Moore Lay, both of Rockingham.

Aaron William Craig Daganhardt and Candice Lee Simmons, both of Pinehurst.

Zachary Tyler Martin and Ashlie Megan Nance, both of Southern Pines.

Joshua Allen Edgell, of Cameron, and Amanda Jo Ray, of Laurel Hill.

Eric Seaton Brown and Amanda Jean Snyder, both of Aberdeen.

Jeremy Charlie Lashmit and Lindsey Lee Putz, both of Pinehurst.

Blake Duncan Smith and Gabrielle Nicole Gregson, both of Cameron.

Constantino Martinez Ruiz and Petra Cabrera Santiago, both of Aberdeen.

Ryan Patrick McCorkle, of Summerville, S.C., and Destiny Michelle Wroe, of Vass.

Mark Alan Richey and Linda Faye McMillan, both of Pinebluff.

Jordan Daniel Johnstone and Krystie Ann Thomas, both of West End.

Taylor Alan Brown and Logan Nicole Monroe, both of Aberdeen.

Eric Quinn Bates and Tiffany Marie Jameson, both of Hendersonville.

James Brandon Mills, of Aberdeen, and Stephanie April Monroe, of Carthage.

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